The perfect Wi-Fi solution for your home

The Omni WiFi 6 system provides you with fast, reliable, and stable internet connection throughout your home, allowing you to bid farewell to annoying dead zones and slow WiFi.

13. Mar 2024

With seamless roaming, you can move freely around your home without losing internet connection. Your devices will automatically connect to the Omni node that offers you the best coverage and fastest speed.

Covers up to 500 square meters

The Omni Mesh Wi-Fi systems come in a pack of three mesh nodes that together cover up to 500m2 (300m2 for Omni WiFi 6 lite).

Place each of the 3 Omni units strategically throughout your home. All of the units will then work together and create a single Wi-Fi network. Now you can enjoy flawless HD or 4K streaming, online gaming and web browsing in every corner of you home, with absolutely no dead spots.

With support for the latest security standard WPA3, you can be sure that your wireless network is well protected.

Plug & Play

All 3 Omni units in the retail box are preprogrammed to each other. First you connect one Omni to your modem. Then you only have to connect the other Omni units to a power outlet, and they will automatically connect.

Free Jensen WiFi App

Easy setup

Download the Jensen WiFi app from Play Store or App Store to your Android or iOS device. Follow a few and simple steps and your Omni Wi-Fi 6 system is ready.

Remote control

Bring everything under your control. You can monitor your Omni Wi-Fi 6 system while you are away using the Jensen Wi-Fi app. The app helps you customize and manage your network, such as user access and parental controls.

Parental control

  1. You can create a group of the devices you want to control.
  2. Set up a rule for when the devices in the group should have internet access.
  3. You can also restrict which websites they should have access to, or provide a list of those that are allowed.

Download the app