Jensen Omni WiFi 6

Welcome to support for Jensen Scandinavia Omni WiFi 6 and Omni WiFi 6 lite. If you are not able to find the information you are looking for, simply send us an email


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In our FAQ, you will find answers to the most common issues.

How do I reset my Omni WiFi 6 system?

1. Press reset for 10 seconds until LED flashes red.
2. Repeat for all Omni nodes.
3. Connect your phone to Omni WiFi 6 network
4. Run Jensen WiFi app and follow instructions.

How do I change the Omni WiFi 6 to use WPA3 encryption?

Refer to the manual under the section WiFi settings.

How many devices can be connected to my Omni WiFi 6 / Omni WiFi 6 Lite system?

Omni WiFi 6 Lite can have up to 80 devices connected.
Omni WiFi 6 can have up to 160 devices connected.

Do you have internet from AF86 (Antenneforeningen af 1986)?

AF86 is a Danish internet provider, and when you switch to a new product you must contact AF86 to release the internet modem for a new product.

Here are the steps on how to release your internet modem from AF86:
Contact AF86 customer support.
Let them know that you are switching to a new internet provider and need to release your internet modem.
Provide them with your account information and the MAC address of your modem.
Once they have released your modem, you will be able to connect it to your new internet service.